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    Super Awesome Mega Rock + Party Under The Sea (Package Deal)

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    Get both our debut album Super Awesome Mega Rock and our Party Under The Sea EP together as part of a package deal!

    Super Awesome Mega Rock

    This is the physical CD of the album as opposed to the digital one you can purchase on iTunes etc. This album also includes a bonus track that is unavailable on the downloadable version.

    1. Sharky Life Forever
    2. Bring The Rock
    3. Legend Of The Megashark
    4. Jake The Jellyfish
    5. Play Outside
    6. When All The Lights Go Out
    7. Old Steam Train
    8. Bounce
    9. Olof The Octopus
    10. Frankenshark
    11. Sunny Days (Bonus)

    Party Under The Sea

    Have  a blast with the title track 'Party Under the Sea', Travel around the world and see what different kinds of music the world has to offer with 'All Around the world'. Make up your own silly dance and let loose with 'The Sharky Sharky Jig', and don't forget the Sharky crew are friends for life in 'Forever Friends'

    Get your copy now!

    1. Party Under the Sea
    2. All Around the World
    3. The Sharky Sharky Jig
    4. Forever Friends